18k Gold Repeater Pocket Watch by C.H. Meylan Co.   Realized $5,000


Carlo Giuliano, Naples (1831-1895)   Realized $20,000


Patek Philippe 18kt. Gold Pocket Watch   Realized $1,300


Diamond and Platinum Cocktail Ring


Two Ornate 14kt. Gold Pocket Watches   Realized $650

Jewelry at The Cobbs

Objects of personal adornment are extremely diverse stylistically, ranging from the tribal wooden carved of African and South American pieces to the Asian jade or bone to the modern designer or vintage made of precious stones and metals. The Cobbs Auctioneers have been privileged to offer this full array of jewelry which may include elements of gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi precious stones, bone, ivory, pearls etc. Some of the recent designer’s who have been featured at auction include; Cartier, Faberge, Tiffany Studios, and pieces by Mario Buccellati.

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A Chinese Yellow Hair Crystal Snuff Bottle A Chinese Yellow Hair Crystal Snuff Bottle

Important Fine Art and Antiques Auction, Apr. 30, 2022

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