Lot 63: Colt Signature Series Model 1849 Reproduction Revolver New and Unturned

Colt Signature Series Model 1849 Reproduction Revolver New and Unturned, Serial Number 341202. In the late 20th century, a number of companies mainly in Italy began reproducing a number of Colt's 19th century models. Legally these arms could not bear Colt markings and they were required by Italian law to f these have that country's proof marks. At that time several American entrepreneurs went to Colt and proposed that Colt license a 2nd and 3rd Generation of these discontinued pistols. Colt agreed. Although these pieces bore correct Colt markings and serial numbers there is great controversy as to whether these arms are genuine Colts or not. The story becomes so complicated now that it is not worth continuing. Anyway, all 3rd Generation Colt black powder models are also referred to as Signature Series Models. A reprise of the original Colt Black powder line, along with historic models not offered in the 2nd Generation, and a new series of Commemoratives, each model bears the Sam Colt signature on the back strap. These 3rd Generation models were manufactured under an authorized licensing agreement with Colt Firearms by Colt Black powder Arms Company – the same company (and many of the same craftsmen) responsible for the 2nd Generation Colt revolvers. Although parts for the Signature Series were cast in Italy, they were fully assembled and hand finished in the United States using the proprietary Colt formulas for bluing correct case hardening. Again, the controversy continues as to whether Colt Black powder Arms Company Signature Series revolvers are regarded as authentic Colt pistols. The pistol is in perfect condition and comes in its original gray, foam lined box showing one small scratch on the top.

Price Realized: $450

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