Lot 30: Greifelt Mauser Action Sporting Rifle

Greifelt Mauser Action Sporting Rifle, This rifle is caliber 8MM but NOT the German military caliber 8X57MM JS. The caliber stamped underneath the barrel is 7.8X57MM. We are GUESSING that it is chambered for the cartridge with the CIP name 8 x 57J. If you look for ammo, look for 8 x 57 I (without an S). The 8 x 57J is a strictly civilian cartridge. The bore diameter is 7.8 mm compared to 7.9 mm of the military cartridge and the maximum bullet diameter is 8.09 mm compared to 8.22 mm for military bullets. The 8 x 57J was created by the German gun trade and is not an early version of the military cartridge. The military bore diameter has always(!) been 7.9 mm. Unquestionably, the rifle should be chamber cast to determine the correct caliber. The stock has the classic European stalker's rifle design with a raised cheek piece and a schnabel forend. The wood has many dings and dents and has obviously spent much time in the field. At some time or other a coat of finish was added over these marks giving the piece a shiny appearance. Only the wrist is checkered with none on the forend. The 24 inch barrel has a perfect bore with sharp rifling. I'd rate the barrel and receiver blue at 95% with miniscule fading here and there. The rear barrel sight has one fixed blade and one flip-up blade for additional range. The front is a bead on a ramp. Krupp steel barrels. Butterknife bolt handle. Adjustable double set triggers. The top of the receiver has detachable claw mountings for the the telescopic sight sight to be sold in Lot 31. The rear mount is the original. The front has been replaced by New England Gun Service in order to accommodate the scope however the old mount part is included with this rifle and will go to the high bidder of this rifle.

Price Realized: $425

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