Lot 228: 5 Music Related Lithographic Prints

5 Music Related Lithographic Prints: a) Two Vanity Fair color cover lithographs: �A Great Cellist�--Joseph Hollman, December 2nd, 1897. Lithography by Vincent, Brooks, Day & Son. 8 1/4� x 13 3/4�. �Sarasate�--Senor Pablo Martin Meliton Sarasate, May 25th, 1889. Same size, similarly good condition. b) Honore Daumier (1808-79) La Lecon de Musique, 1844. Litho from the series Voyage en Chine, Le Charivari, 1844. Unsigned, with notation and date below image, above caption. Very good condition, nicely matted and framed. 9.5 x 9� c) Thomas Nast, Harper�s Weekly. �Getting
in Tune�, lithographed wood engraving on periodical page, 1876. Political cartoon depicting NY Senator Carl Shurz and NY Tribune editor Whitelaw Reid tuning their instruments to harmonize with the Republican Party. 9 1/2 x 14� d) Honore Daumier, French (1808-79). �The Amateur Guitar Player�, from Monomanes, 1840 plate 4. Lithograph on periodical paper (print to reverse). 9 1/2� x 13 1/4�

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