Lot 196: A superb and important Ekoi Janus dance crest

A superb and important Ekoi Janus dance crest Ekoi people, Cross River/Nigeria & Cameroon H: 15" The stunning dance crest in remarkable condition; the janus faces, one with blackened hide and the other with yellowed hide, stretched over naturalistically carved faces in classical Ekoi style. The yellowed face with visible markings. The coif with fur and fabric. The basketry cap still intact. A superb example. On a custom base. Private French collection, Ex. Galerie Ratton Published: Duo; l'un et autre, l'un est l'autre; 2012, Raul Lehuard. Pgs. 42 - 43 Exhibited: Galerie Ratton, Paris; Duo; L'un et l'autre, l'un est l'autre. 2012.


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