Rugs and Carpets


Antique Bijar Runner Oriental Rug


Persian Mashad Corridor Oriental Rug   Realized $4,500


Silk and Wool Isphahan Room-size Oriental Rug mid 20thC   Realized $5,500


Tabriz Room Size Oriental Rug   Realized $3,750


Persian Metalic Thread Embroidered Prayer Rug

Rugs and Carpets at The Cobbs

A category that is frequently overlooked rugs and carpets can have surprising market value. The Cobbs offer anything from the rare early American Indian blankets, the wonderful singularly American Folk Art hooked hugs to the tribal Oriental rugs from the Middle East.

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Pennsylvania Chippendale Dish Top Tea Table Pennsylvania Chippendale Dish Top Tea Table

Fine Art & Antiques, Jan. 14, 2017

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