Lot 183: Literature - Poetry

A) Course of Time: A Poem. Robert Pollok, Sanborn & Carter, Portland. 1844. Miniature book. B) Poems by William Cowper of the inner temple esq. in two volumes. vol.2. published by D... Huntington. 1814. C) The Poetry of Love. by Rufus F. Griswold, Published by Leavitt & Allen. 1848. D) Robert Browning, from the author�s revised text. Edited with introductions and notes by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke Pauline Paracelsus, Pippa Passes, King Victor and King Charles. Tomas Y Crowell Company. New York. (DATE) E) The Works of James Montgomery (Vol 2), 1817. F) Poems by Wordsworth. Chosen by Matthew Arnold, Edited by Ashley H. Thorndike. The Modern Readers Series. The Macmillan Company. New York. 1926.

Estimate: $250 - $500

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