Lot 114A: 1869 Illustrated Letter

"Therefore do you rest assured that this is our purpose and determination; so give yourself no further trouble about the matter, neither any unnecessary anxiety; (ie) if nothing happens and other suitable." Jacob Chandler Gale, So. Londonderry Vt. Jan. 28 1868. Writes note to future wife, Agnes Mary Hunting. The main body is based around a gathering of friends and acquaintances learning a new dance. The end of the letter is above quote in a seemingly different hand but the same ink and then signed J. Chandler Gale in the same hand as the first part of the letter.
The very top left of the has a debossed marking and below that is a hand drawn ink and colored pencil drawing. Two hands, appearing to be one white and one african american, clasp in unity over a scroll titled "The Constitution" and an ax type weapon pointed to the ground, stars surround the hands. The top of the drawing features an American flag flowing in the wind.

Estimate: $200 - $300

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